Breathing life into vital conceptuals.

Defining Project Requirements

The industrial designer painted her vision with large brushstrokes.
It was my job to define the practical details.
Generally, the system would monitor certain variables such as body temperature and unexplained absences (among others) within the campus buildings. If any of these variables crossed a certain threshold, it would send an alert to the campus security and prompt further examination and action.
Thus, these variables had to be displayed and easily manipulated in a way which made sense to the users (i.e. the security team).
The industrial designer had a vision of a “heat-map sort of thing” for the data representation. While a heat-map of singular instances might have been aesthetically interesting, from a practical, usablity level it made little sense. Therefore, I simplified the concept into a heat-map-inspired, color-coded visual representation based on five different zoom levels: campus-level, campus-level zoomed, block-level, building-level, and floor-level.
Having solved the data graphics, we moved to broader functionality. It had to display the adjusted productivity of a user-defined block, include parameter filters, allow adjustable variable thresholds, have a timelapse playback control, display information about specific locations, and prompt/automate alerts. All of these functions needed to be arranged in an intuitive hierachical relationship according to their respectful usefulness, from the users’ perspective.

High-Fidelity Wireframing

Using a combination of Photoshop and Sketch, I created HF wireframes of each potential use case, accounting for all the needed functionality.

Prototyping & Presentation

The final product needed to be presented in an intuitive, compelling demonstration. I therefore compiled all of the HF wireframes together in InVision App, creating a prototype which, together with a progressive animation of the dashboard timelapse, provided a clear, effective video presentation of the dashboard “at work”.
In short, if you’re looking for a UX / UI designer which with demonstrable ability to define product requirements and implement intuitive, effective solutions,